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1-Hour Consultation with Dr. Darrell Wolfe

*Lifetime support with Dr. Darrell Wolfe 

All of our consultations (Nutritional, Emotional & Cancer) come with a money back guarantee that we will surpass your expectations with achieving your health goals. This is why we provide unlimited, lifetime support because your success is our success, as you grow, we will continually grow your program with you. Support and a strong relationship is the key ingredient to reclaiming and maintaining your vibrant health. There is no question too small, there are no silly questions, and when there are no why’s left to ask, then you will be a wise person who has now mastered their health.

  • Go over your health history & daily routine
  • Determine what you want
  • Define your vision
  • Create life-changing goals
  • Create a daily plan of action to achieve extraordinary results
  • Create a personalized nutritional plan & exercise program
  • Give you simple daily detox protocols to fit your lifestyle
  • Create the perfect day
  • Teach you how to make miracles an everyday experience
  • Harness your emotions & unleash the power of your mind
  • Erase & replace dysfunctional belief systems
  • Heal your relationships
  • Harness your emotions & unleash the power of your mind
  • Erase & replace dysfunctional belief systems
  • Heal your relationships
  • Learn how to stay happy when things go wrong
  • Learn how to process your emotions to think properly
  • Transform your thoughts
  • Manifest your greatest desires
  • Make your dreams a reality

*After payment Dr. Darrell Wolfe will contact you within 2 weeks to schedule an appointment. Please leave the best number (Phone, Skype or WhatsApp) to get in touch with you. 
If you are not contacted within 48 hours or have any questions please call Dr. Darrell Wolfe directly at +1-855-900-4544 ext 5 or if you are located outside of North America on WhatsApp at +1-250-801-0133.

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